mercredi 7 mars 2012

SOON ! /// Zmajevdah & Emotion Of Loss - Split Tape

After producing a bunch of tapes for the impoverished hipsters, ZZP is back in the digital era with a CDr release. Nope, back to tape ! This will also be our first split album, between two solo acts : Emotion Of Loss from Russia (doom/indus/noise) and Zmajevdah from Croatia (blackened shoegazy grind).

Two Internet friends, and more importantly two great artists that push the boundaries of their sound and their respective genre, their tunes sweating with heart, lo-fi and DIY ethics.

If you followed ZZP from the beginning, you are no stranger to Emotion Of Loss bleak, desperate and crushing sound. His "Demo 2007" was ZZP first release. Jump in the time machine to learn about this incredible first effort by clicking here, or listen to the demo here. However, on this split EoL explore new territories in his sound, lurking toward ambiant and even darker atmospheres, so expect some surprises !

Zmajevdah take on grindcore has always been special. Never over-saturated blastbeatitude lo-finess has been so alive and heartwarming, as you can take into account here. But with the two unreleased tracks Zmajevdah offers on this record, his post-proto-prog-grind evolves into some more exciting. More surprises to come, yay !

Previews for these tracks should be available soon, such as hints of the handcrafted packaging that will embody them.

Stay tuned for preorders and more !

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