mercredi 25 avril 2012

ZZP-005 /// Proud Father - Hearu Shi No Proud Father

After months of wait, Proud Father's longest effort to date is finally available ! Hearu Shi No Proud Father (aka The Glorious Death Of Proud Father) is as a 90mn journey through lo-fi ambiant, cascading analog drones and electric shoegaze riddled with kaiju samples.

Carefully orchestrated chaos drips from your speakers. It floods your room softly, like a tide. Glimmering clouds and fuzzy swarms of drone angler fishes lure you in the depths of an audio maëlstrom.

If the design conception of the packaging has been a collaboration between me and the artist, the production process was handled solely by Proud Father. These tapes are handpainted, and come in painted-depainted resealable bags. Each copy comes with stickers, tracklist insert and a full size screenprinted poster, with an artwork by Zugzwang Productions.

From now on, the album is available through streaming and free download via the bandcamp page of Proud Father (where you can also download much more gorgeous PF noise/ambiant extravaganza), and through Flaccid Plastic Records, where there's even MORE experimental audio delights. You can even already listen to it through the handy embedded player below.


Few copies are available, so get yours fast at the shop ! 6€, shipping out.

vendredi 20 avril 2012

SOON ! /// Haute-Cimes - Khmaer Krahom (C23 Cassette)

Burning, unrelenting and unforgiving like a caged beast. This is how next ZZP tape will sound.

With Khmaer Krahom, Haute-Cimes delivers three tracks of cinematographic harsh noise, with disturbing films samples entwining layers of radiating drones and pulsating noise shrills. Haute-Cimes sound is both repulsive and fascinating at the same time, the noise moving and breathing with its own pulse. In 23 minutes, this tape sucks you in and drags you through one hell of journey among desolated landscapes of paranoia and self-loathing. 

Haute-Cimes' Khmaer Krahom is like staring at the everlasting collapse of the Sun, laying on your back on a building rooftop, above the smog and stench of the world consuming itself in a last mass orgy of blood, oil and wine.

You can listen and download the full record just below.

This tape will be packaged in a crystal case, with a huge 100% DIY insert, and a new artwork ! No computer used in the making of the artworks for this insert, only found pictures, hand-lettered stamp, boxcutter and a photocopier !

Preorders are open ! Limited to 30 copies, 4€ shipping out !