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FANGE - Poisse
ZZP-009 - Tape, 50 copies - (( 6€ ))

Beware of the Sun ! Fange's first ep "Poisse" is now available on tape. Get ready for +30mn of crushing sludge/noise ! Heavy down-tuned riffs blaring from big amps, vicious drum-shagging, good old screams, yells & shouts (in french s'il vous plaît) and abrasives noise/drone sprinkled atop for good measure.

Limited to 50 copies. The tape version comes in an over-sized VHS-like case, with laser-printed lyrics insert, and features an exclusive 10mn noise track on side B.

Fange features Ben from Huata at the guitar, Baptiste from Brain Pyramid on drums, and myself on vocals and noise. Mixing by Kristian Keyboard Productions and Mastered by Sylvain Biguet. Listen and download to the two releases here.

ZALHIETZLI - Sainte Rita + Two Songs, 2012
ZZP-C01 - CDr, 100 copies - (( Pay what you want ! See below ))

Zalhietzli is my solo musical outlet. Experiments in noise, ambient, indus and various sound manipulations, using mainly effect pedals, samples and tape collages. This CDr compiles the two first Zalhietzli releases, "Sainte Rita" from 2011 and "Two Songs, 2012".

What they said about Sainte Rita :
"Wonderfully claustrophobic dark ambient EP that delves into the genres of noise, drone and industrial." Polar Sunspots.

"Listening to this EP is really like watching a movie, having a nightmare etc., it’s an insanely immersive and dense, like a soundtrack to your subconscious’ inner workings." InB4track.

First edition of 100 copies. Come in a simple paper sleeve printed in black and white, in a plastic sleeve. Available at "a pay what you want" rate, not including paypal and shipping fees. Just mail me to know about shipping, and add a little extra if you feel like it ! If you want 2 copies or more, please count a minimum of 1€ per copy. Listen and download to the two releases here.

HAUTE-CIMES - Khmaer Krahom
ZZP-008 - Tape, 30 copies - (( 4€ ))

With Khmaer Krahom, Haute-Cimes delivers three tracks of cinematographic harsh noise, with disturbing films samples entwining layers of radiating drones and pulsating noise shrills. In 23 minutes, this tape sucks you in and drags you through one hell of journey among desolated landscapes of paranoia and self-loathing.

Haute-Cimes' Khmaer Krahom is like staring at the everlasting collapse of the Sun, laying on your back on a building rooftop, above the smog and stench of the world consuming itself in a last mass orgy of blood, oil and wine.

Limited edition of 30 copies. Packaged in a crystal case, with a huge 100% DIY insert. Comes with a download code usable on the artist bandcamp page.
Before buying, listen to the whole album here.

ZZP-007 - Tape, 24 copies - (( 4€ ))

This is the work of two great artists that push the boundaries of their sound and their respective genre, their tunes sweating with heart, lo-fi and DIY ethics.

It's really hard to label Zmajevdah's blackened shoegazy grind mixture, but If you're into heartwarming blastbeatitude somewhat similar to Wheels Within Wheels, Liturgy or Panopticon, you will absolutely love the two everlasting tracks encased in this split.

With his new track Emotion Of Loss dwelves into more ethereal and experimental sounds, lurking toward ambiant and darker atmospheres. This is constricting rings in audio form, slowly suffocating you before the final blow !

Limited to 24 copies. Handmade packaging, huge string of thick paper, printed both sides, wrapped around the tape. Before buying, stream and download the whole split here.

HUATA - Atavist Of Mann
ZZP-006 - Tape, 50 copies - (( Sold out ))

First full-length from Britanny's fuzzed out doom-kvltists : Huata ! A one hour long mass of satanic, hermetic and ritual doom/stoner, led by the litanies of an old church organ !

Limited edition of 50 copies, with sick handmade packaging mimicking an old book !
Before buying, listen to the whole album here.

PROUD FATHER - Hearu Shi No Proud Father
ZZP-005 - Tape, 30 copies - (( Sold Out ))

Proud Father is a solo noise/ambiant/soundscapes artist from the ruins of New Orleans, LA. Hearu Shi No... is a 90mn journey through lo-fi ambiant, cascading analog drones and electric shoegaze riddled with kaiju samples.

Carefully orchestrated chaos drips from your speakers. It floods your room softly, like a tide. Glimmering clouds and fuzzy swarms of drone angler fishes lure you in the depths.

Limited edition of 30 copies. The tapes are handpainted, and come in painted-depainted resealable plastic bags. Each copy comes with stickers, tracklist insert and a full size screenprinted poster, with an artwork by Zugzwang Productions.

See more of the packaging here. Before buying, listen to whole album here.

ZALHIETZLI - Sainte Rita
ZZP-004 - Tape, 20 copies - (( Sold out ))

Zalhietzli (or ZLTZ, for short) mixes noise, ambient, loops, feedback, soundscape & various sounds manipulations. This first release contains three tracks, for 24mn.

Limited editions on 20 copies, with handmade packaging, yadda yadda, you know the drill by now.

See more of the packaging here.
Before buying, listen to the whole demo here.

ZZP-003 - Pro CDr, 100 copies - (( 6€ ))

Hyper-pissed off Japanese Industrial Hardcore ! For fans of early Isis, Godflesh & Tetsuo ! RxOxS drive their way into your cortex with their insane beats and samples and recondition it with thunderous bass assaults as the screams burn a litany of kill words in your subconscious.

As usual, this 23mn EP comes in a special handmade packaging. Limited to 100 copies.

See more of the packaging here.
Before buying, listen to them here.

HUATA - Open The Gates Of Shambhala
ZZP-002 - Tape, 66 copies - (( Sold Out ))

Special K7 re-issue of Huata's first effort "Open The Gates Of Shambhala". Coming soon with a special handmade packaging that unfolds into an upside-down cross !

Brace yourself for half an hour of a super-heavy doom/fuzz/satan combo coming straight from Brittany, France !

See more of the packaging here.
Before buying, listen to the whole album here.

ZZP-001 - CDr, 12 copies - (( Sold out ))

20mn of sickening Doom/Indus à la Godfleshpress, made in Russia ! CDr, handmade packaging with lyrics insert & leather-like slipcase. Limited to 13 copies !

See more of the packaging here.
Before buying, listen to the whole demo here.

This item is out of stock at Zugzwang Productions ! Contact the band directly at in_dirt (at) hotmail.com




DROG - Green Eyes EP - CDr (( 5€ ))
Pornopsychotropic noise, by Johnny UFO (UFO GESTAPO, LAMORT, The ZOMBOS).

FLOURISHING - A Momentary Sense Of The Immediate World (( 6€ ))
Experimental death metal/grind. Still sealed.

HABSYLL - MMVIII (( 11€ ))
"No-doom / funeral noise" sludge band.

HUMMINGBIRDS OF DEATH - Show Us The Meaning Of Haste (( 8€))
Fastblast powerviolence, absolutely awesome.

IMBROGLIO - Sleep Deprivation (( 8€ ))
Still sealed.


PULLING TEETH - Paradise Illusions / Paranoid Delusions (( 8€ ))

SINK - The Process (( 8€ ))
Experimental drone/noise, comes with a cool packaging.

WIZARD'S BEAR - Pure Filth (( 11€ ))
Sludge in the vein of Iron Monkey.

xBRAINIAx - Deprogrammed (( 8€ ))
Furious, pissed-off grindcore. Still sealed.


$KRUPEL / BRUTAL DEATH - The Revenge Of The Rough Grind Calamari Rings - Split 7" (( 5€ ))

THE EARWIGS / LORD ZILLABLASTER - Alienoise Destruction Musick Now!!! / Lord Zillblaster - Split 7" (( 5€ ))
B-Movies Noise.

FINAL EXIT / BLUDGE - Split 7" (( 3€ ))
No fluff, no tech, just grind.

OXBOW / KILL KILL KILL - Split 7" (( 5€ ))

JUMBO'S KILLCRANE / RUMPELTILTSKIN GRINDER - {Brown Slight Return} / Equipment Crusher - Split 7" (( 5€ ))

NESSERIA - s/t - 12" (( 8€ ))
Hardcore/Chaos/Violence from Paris.

THROAT - Adult Situations - 7" (( 5€ ))


OINTMENT - Satan's Sandbox (( 4,50€ ))
Sickening sludge, with members of KILSLUG

SHAMAN - Rituals Of The Rainforest (( 4€ ))
Over 30 minutes of nightmarish monotous noise. Blood red handpainted tape sealed in an envelope.

SUNFACE - Slash And Burn Culture - Tape (( 3€ instead of 5, as the B-side is a bit worn out ))

V/A - Tribute To Seaman Popeye - 7-ways split tape (( 3,50€ ))
Crazy comp featuring noise, grind, sludge...



Buy in bulk to get a good price ! -20% for 5 items, -40% for 10 items. Shipping not included.

CANDIRIA - What Doesn't Kill You... (( 5€ ))

DEMIMONDE - Mutant Star (( 5€ ))

DESTROYER DESTROYER - Littered With Arrows (( 5€ ))

ELECTRO QUATERSTAFF - Gretzky (( 5€ ))

GROSSO GADGETTO - Paranorama (( 3€ ))

INKED IN BLOOD - Lay Waste The Poets (( 5€ ))

GUTWORM - Ruin The Memory (( 5€ ))

MEMFIS - The Wind-Up (( 5€ ))

PLEDGE ALLIANCE - Trümmer Einen Zerborstenen Welt (( 3€ ))

THE PROCESS - Vultures Of Human Decay (( 4€ ))

V/A - Sumo Disentry (( 3€ ))

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