samedi 25 juin 2011

ZZP-002 /// Huata - Open The Gates Of Shambhala

For its second release, Zugzwang Productions is proud to announce the re-edition of Huata's first EP, "Open the the Gates of Shambhala", on tape !

For the few lost souls who have not heard of the Mighty Huata yet, three words : Doom. Stoner. Satan.

The fantastic inner drawing is the work of the very pious ZeroPixelGrind. May Satan bless his soul.

This release is limited to 66 copies, with a special handmade packaging. Here you can catch a glimpse :

Now I know what you're thinking : "wow, those blurry, low-res close-ups sure aren't that informative about something that is probably fucking awesome, as Zugzwang ALWAYS does awesome stuff (even when he does nothing but slacking off)."

So that's why I decided to do a little demo vid of how that rocket science of a packaging works, as a blurry video is always better than a thousand blurry pictures.

You can get yours at the shop section, but be quick ! There's only a few copies left at my store. You can find more on Huata's blog, and soon at Quagmire, Psychedoomelic, Throatruiner and Boue Records.

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  1. vivement que j'obtienne ma copie :) .
    Vous avez fait du bon boulot les mecs.