mardi 29 novembre 2011

Episode 2 of Playing Peeping Tom : Huata - Atavist Of Mann.

Episode 2 of our thrilling series "Playing Peeping Tom", where you can enter the creation process of Zugzwang Productions' trademark : customized packaging warfare.

Still working on the tape edition for Huata - Atavist Of Mann, which is probably the most complex design and creation process we made this far. Everything is going smoothly. Boxcutter and double-sided adhesive tape in hands. It should be available before the end of the year, and probably before the release of CD and vinyl version. Hope you'll like the result ! 

We also received the tapes, that we were lucky enough to find in a color that is pretty close the paper we're using. Those will enter homedubbing soon.

Episode 3 will be about the complete unveiling of the packaging. Stay tuned !

Click on the pictures to enlarge. Preorders still open : 5€ (Europe) / $8 (World), including shipping.

Preorders are over ! 6,66€ shipping out ! Visit the SHOP for more ZZP goodness !

The saucepan of Doom.

I had to paste over a thousand of these, so don't give me that look, okay ?

Thining the herd.

The Trimmer.

Hours of fun ahead.


mardi 22 novembre 2011

Episode 1 Playing Peeping Tom : Huata - Atavist Of Mann.

Hi people, today I have decided to try a little something. From now on, in a series called "Playing Peeping Tom", I'll try my best to document all the process needed in the creation of an album packaging. From the first draft made with cornflakes boxes to the luxurious final product, with all the mind-numbing paper cutting, folding, pasting that goes in-beetween.

Considering that I only have two arms and little to no impulse control, I probably won't be able to take pictures at every step of the production. So expect some gaps in the timeline.

So, to begin with our new series, here's as promised a first glimpse of the packaging for Huata - Atavist Of Mann on tape. This is just a part of the packaging, so expect some more surprises about it. And to make things clear, this is NOT silkscreened, but classic black/white prints. For those who own a Open The Gates..., we went to the same shop, so you know it's good. For those who don't, it's good, believe us.

Step 1 was about cutting and tracing the folding lines in these covers. Step 2 will be about abusing a roll of double-sided tape. Oh, the fun we're having.

Click on the pictures to enlarge. Pre-orders are still open : 5€ (Europe) / $8 (World), including shipping !
Preorders are over ! 6,66€ shipping out ! Visit the SHOP for more ZZP goodness !

mardi 15 novembre 2011

Trade from the Cold But Loving Mother Russia

After weeks of wait due to the conjoined laziness of both russian and french postal service, I could finally get my hands on "IT".

"IT" being a trade package from my good russian friend dirt, the mastermind behind QUAGMIRE, home and purveyor of the sickest, dirtiest and most repulsive music from this side of the iron curtain.

This guy already released some RAPE-X, SETE STAR SEPT, HUATA, FISTULA and more... He also makes music as EMOTION OF LOSS, aka the first ZZP release ever !

Here's what he graced me with...

SHAMAN - Ritual Of The Rainforest (Tape)
SHAMAN offers over 30 mn of droning, suffocating ambiant/noise that will get you lost into the deepest entrails of the forest on a moonless night. From the man behind THE WHOREHOUSE MASSACRE.
For its first release, Quagmire worked wonders with the packaging of this little baby. This hand-painted tape comes in plastic case with the artwork pasted on the case, for an absolutely stunning result. Safely packaged in a sealed envelope (the one on the pic is my copy, but the one on sale is still sealed) with a sticker of, quoting dirt himself, "two dirty alcoholics" (and THAT is a selling point).

OINTMENT - Satan's Sandbox (Tape)
This one has been literally dug up from oblivion. OINTMENT was formed in 1989 in Boston, by Big Daddy, drummer of the legendary corrosive sludge act KILSLUG. Before splitting up in 1993, they recorded in 1991 these eight tracks. Twenty goddamn years later, they're finally available. And like every good wine left to stew for two decades, they taste like the piss and vinegar we'd happily drink before going on our sunday morning roadkill spree. Packaged in a bodybag black ziplock bag, with insert and an interview of Big Daddy.

RAPE-X - Paul Stanley (CD)
Harsh noise terrorists legends. Seven tracks based on digital manipulations of the words of Paul Stanley. Layers over layers of speech colliding with harsh noise walls to create an exhausting yet captivating experience.

V/A - Tribute To Seaman Popeye (7-ways split tape)
Title says it all : Tribute to Seaman Popeye, fuck yeah ! The seven bands on this comp go from noise, grind, more noise, sludge, more grind, more noise with samples, more grind, southern rock, and finally more noise. All this in about 15mn. See QUAGMIRE's release page to learn more about the bands.

All these babies are available at our SHOP section, so don't be a fool and buy them all. Guaranteed success next time you show your records collection to girls.