samedi 24 mai 2014


Second tape release for my drone/ambient project Hendiadys, a collaborative output with my friend Benjamin Moreau (Chose Morte/Huata/Fange). On this record we focused on using a variety of sound sources beyond the usual pedal feedback loop (guitar, synths, drum-machine, tape manipulation etc) while still maintaining our personal approach at constructing, layering and tweaking sounds.

C-20 white shell tape, comes in handmade sleeve packaging. Limited to 20 copies, 5€/France, 6€/Europe, 7€/$9/World, all ppd. You can buy through the shop section, our directly via our bandcamp page. The artwork comes from a series of xerox collages made in march 2014. You can see more at

lundi 14 avril 2014

ZZP-009 /// FANGE - Poisse

Beware of the Sun ! Fange's first ep "Poisse" is now available on tape. Get ready for +30mn of crushing sludge/noise plus an exclusive 10mn noise track on side B ! Heavy down-tuned riffs blaring from big amps, vicious drum-shagging, good old screams, yells & shouts (in french s'il vous plaît) and abrasives noise/drone sprinkled atop for good measure.

The tape version comes in an over-sized VHS-like case, with laser-printed lyrics insert. 6€, shipping out, limited to 50 copies. Get in touch at contact.zugzwang at Fange features Ben from Huata at the guitar, Baptiste from Brain Pyramid on drums, and myself on vocals and noise. Mixing by Kristian Keyboard Productions and Mastered by Sylvain Biguet.

dimanche 6 avril 2014

Release announcement : Hendiadys - VIIV (tape)

New release coming on ZZP coming very soon : Hendiadys - "VIIV".
Hendiadys is drone/noise project I have with Benjamin Moreau (Chose Morte/Huata/Fange). Hypnotic drones, tape loops, electronic snippets of distant melodies, layers entwined.

"VIIV" features two tracks recorded in winter 2013, that you can stream/download just below :

This will be a edition of 20 copies, 3€ without shipping. Get in touch at contact.zugzwang at

vendredi 28 mars 2014

Back from the dead...

... with a new upcoming release : Fange first EP "Poisse" on tape !

Fange (meaning «mire» in french) plays harsh sludge, crushing riffs and hard beats.

All you will find here is a huge amount of fuzz and distortion, out of hand feedbacks, low tu­ning and big amps, heavy beats and fat kicks, distorted vocals and abrasive noises.

Sinking into a dirty and filthy sludge/noise to exorcise the human grime and primal idioms conveyed by summer and unbearable heats, Fange’s first effort will bury you into mud and oil.

If Nihilist would have played sludge on Sunn O))) amps, or if Bongzilla would have met Entombed at a Merzbow gig, it would have sounded like this.

You can listen to "Lucifour", a first extract from the whole 30mn EP whom should be available hopefully pretty soon. A CD version will be released on Cold Dark Matters Records.

The tape version will come in a VHS like case, with lyrics insert and an exclusive +10mn noise track on side B. This edition will be limited to 50 copies, and preorders are open ! Get in touch at contact.zugzwang at

Fange features Ben from Huata at the guitar, Baptiste from Brain Pyramid on drums, and myself on vocals and noise. Mixing by Kristian Keyboard Productions and Mastered by Sylvain Biguet.

lundi 7 janvier 2013

Happy New Year ! Big nap & big sales

Hello everyone, it's been a while. Happy new year and all the good stuff !

This is a quick note to let you know that Zugzwang Productions is not dead, but rather in suspended animation. For the past months I have been working on my drone/noise/ambient solo project Zalhietzli, which you have probably heard of if you have been around here long enough. If not, see the Zalhietzli releases here and here.

I don't know when the next ZZP release will happen, if there is any. It was a fun ride, and even if not everything went smoothly, I am proud of each of the releases I worked on.

In the meantime, be sure to keep an eye on the artists/friends I had the chance of working with. They are all incredible musicians and artists, and simply all around chill bros and dudes. I wish to thank them all for their trust, kindness and passion. And a special thanks for all my little helpers !

Now for something for material, I am doing big, BIG, nay, HUGE SALES on all the shop, to clear up some shelves :

50% OFF on EVERYTHING in the shop !
(woot !)

This deal will last until the end of february, and most of the stuff I am carrying are single items or running low, so do not sleep on this.

The prices showed in the shop are the regular, you will have to do the maths. Shipping is still calculated the regular way.


I am also selling blank tapes and VHS like cases, more info on the shop section.

Thanks to everyone who helped, bought, told their friends or worked with/for Zugzwang Productions.
See you, space cowboy !


lundi 8 octobre 2012


Embrace the lo-fi tornado ! The Emotion Of Loss / Zmajevdah split tape is finally available. Fans of grind, drone, noise and doom from around this wretched globe will all be satisfied. This is the work of two great artists that push the boundaries of their sound and their respective genre, their tunes sweating with heart, lo-fi and DIY ethics.

It's really hard to label Zmajevdah's blackened shoegazy grind mixture, but If you're into heartwarming blastbeatitude somewhat similar to Wheels Within Wheels, Liturgy or Panopticon, you will absolutely love the two everlasting tracks encased in this split.

If you followed ZZP from the beginning, you are no stranger to Emotion Of Loss bleak, desperate and crushing sound. His "Demo 2007" was ZZP first release. With his new track Emotion Of Loss dwelves into more ethereal and experimental sounds, lurking toward ambiant and darker atmospheres. This is constricting rings in audio form, slowly suffocating you before the final blow !

We kept the packaging of this tape both simple and classy, with a long strip of thick paper, printed both sides and wrapped around the tape. You can get a glimpse at the artwork with the pictures above.

Limited to 24 copies, 4€ shipping out !

You can stream and download the full split just below.

vendredi 24 août 2012

ZZP-C01 /// ZALHIETZLI - Sainte Rita + Two Songs

Zalhietzli is my solo musical outlet. Experiments in noise, ambient, indus and various sound manipulations, using mainly effect pedals, samples and tape collages. This CDr compiles the two first Zalhietzli releases, "Sainte Rita" from 2011 and "Two Songs, 2012".
I decided to make this compilation as these were only available on tape so far. "Two Songs, 2012" isn't available yet, but should be somewhere in september.

What they said about Sainte Rita :
"Wonderfully claustrophobic dark ambient EP that delves into the genres of noise, drone and industrial." Polar Sunspots.
"Listening to this EP is really like watching a movie, having a nightmare etc., it’s an insanely immersive and dense, like a soundtrack to your subconscious’ inner workings." InB4track.

This release will be available at a "name your price" option. See the SHOP for more details. Listen to the tracks below.