vendredi 24 août 2012

ZZP-C01 /// ZALHIETZLI - Sainte Rita + Two Songs

Zalhietzli is my solo musical outlet. Experiments in noise, ambient, indus and various sound manipulations, using mainly effect pedals, samples and tape collages. This CDr compiles the two first Zalhietzli releases, "Sainte Rita" from 2011 and "Two Songs, 2012".
I decided to make this compilation as these were only available on tape so far. "Two Songs, 2012" isn't available yet, but should be somewhere in september.

What they said about Sainte Rita :
"Wonderfully claustrophobic dark ambient EP that delves into the genres of noise, drone and industrial." Polar Sunspots.
"Listening to this EP is really like watching a movie, having a nightmare etc., it’s an insanely immersive and dense, like a soundtrack to your subconscious’ inner workings." InB4track.

This release will be available at a "name your price" option. See the SHOP for more details. Listen to the tracks below.

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