vendredi 28 mars 2014

Back from the dead...

... with a new upcoming release : Fange first EP "Poisse" on tape !

Fange (meaning «mire» in french) plays harsh sludge, crushing riffs and hard beats.

All you will find here is a huge amount of fuzz and distortion, out of hand feedbacks, low tu­ning and big amps, heavy beats and fat kicks, distorted vocals and abrasive noises.

Sinking into a dirty and filthy sludge/noise to exorcise the human grime and primal idioms conveyed by summer and unbearable heats, Fange’s first effort will bury you into mud and oil.

If Nihilist would have played sludge on Sunn O))) amps, or if Bongzilla would have met Entombed at a Merzbow gig, it would have sounded like this.

You can listen to "Lucifour", a first extract from the whole 30mn EP whom should be available hopefully pretty soon. A CD version will be released on Cold Dark Matters Records.

The tape version will come in a VHS like case, with lyrics insert and an exclusive +10mn noise track on side B. This edition will be limited to 50 copies, and preorders are open ! Get in touch at contact.zugzwang at

Fange features Ben from Huata at the guitar, Baptiste from Brain Pyramid on drums, and myself on vocals and noise. Mixing by Kristian Keyboard Productions and Mastered by Sylvain Biguet.