dimanche 27 mars 2011


For orders, trades, any questions or inquiries, get in touch via contact.zugzwang (at)gmail.com

If you are a band and you want Zugzwang to release your stuff, send me an archive or link, and I will answer you back. Here are also some little conditions if you want to be on Zuzgwang :

Your album has to have a unique handmade packaging. You can come up with and idea, or I work on it by my own, or we can work together. Browse the blog to get an idea of what I mean.
No vinyl, no cd pressing, too expensive for the label at the moment. K7 and CDr only (pro-dubbed or not).
I prefer limited quantities. It's easier for me to distribute, as I don't have that much connections at the moment. My share of copies should not be higher than 50 copies.
You get a share of the copies proportional of how much you helped in the funding of the release. If the release costed 150$ for 100 copies, and you payed 60$, you get 40 copies.

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