mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Proud Father : streaming, free download, and preorders !

Today is a great day for Zugzwang Productions, as the collaboration with noise/ambiant/soundscape artist Proud Father is finally taking shape, with the tape release of Hearu Shi No Proud Father : a 90mn journey through lo-fi ambiant, cascading analog drones and electric shoegaze riddled with kaiju samples.

The design of the packaging has been a long process, conducted by Proud Father & myself, and we hope you will love the result as much as we do. The tapes are handpainted, and come in stencil painted resealable plastic bags. Each copy comes with a full size screenprinted poster, with an artwork by Zugzwang Productions.

You don't see much yet but it's on purpooooose.

From now on, the album is available through streaming and free download via the bandcamp page of Proud Father (where you can also download much more gorgeous PF noise/ambiant extravaganza), and through Flaccid Plastic Records, where there's even MORE experimental audio delights. You can even already listen to it through the handy embedded player below.

And last but not least, preorders for the tape version are now open ! 30 copies, 6€ each including a screenprinted poster.

Finally, pictures of the show where Proud Father performed are available here.

jeudi 12 janvier 2012

First news of 2012

It's always like this. You work for months. You plan ahead. But at the end, the planets align and mysteriously but inevitably, every deadlines fall at the same time and you have to finish several projects in a four days span.

This is why in a single post, I can announce that the two impending releases of ZZP will be available before the end of january.

ZZP-005 - PROUD FATHER - Hearu Shi no Proud Father
(The Glorious Death of Proud Father)

Proud Father's longest effort to date : 90mn tape of glimmering soundscapes, noise bursts and shoegazy wall of sound, from the ruins of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Due to the circumstances, the artwork, packaging, and digital version of the album will be probably be unveiled at the release date. Same goes for the pricing.

Proud Father will perform THIS GODDAMN SATURDAY 14th, at the Red House and The White House in New Orleans, LA.

This show will also feature Caddywhompus, B L A C K I E All Caps With Spaces, /fucks/, Habitat and Choi Wolf. More info here.

But more importantly, the first tapes will be available at this show ! Get in a plane ! Go there ! Get 'em !

Also, a first glimpse at the album artwork, made by myself. Hopefully more will be revealed soon.

ZZP-006 - HUATA - Atavist Of Mann

FINALLY, the long awaited first full length of Brittany, France gloomiest doom cult is available ! First, as a digital version via their Bandcamp. Then, the tape version will be carried by the band during their Mannus Millenium Tour in january (Nancy, FR. Tournat, BE. Lille, FR. Mudfest, ND), and soon after through your favorite sonic dope dealer Zugzwang Productions.

The 2xLP edition is still on preorders through De Arte Magica, a label conglomerate (Throatruiner Rcd, Boue Rcd, Odio Sonoro, Mordgrimm and Psychedoomelic Rcd).

As you may have seen during the small series of posts "Playing Peeping Tom", the making of the packaging for the tape edition has been very long, but is now nearing completion. We hope you'll like the result as much as we do ! Here's a last picture before the complete unveiling of this hell of a tape.

And for those wondering, ZZP is already working on other releases. I can't tell you much now, but stay tuned ! 2012 will kick ass !