mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Proud Father : streaming, free download, and preorders !

Today is a great day for Zugzwang Productions, as the collaboration with noise/ambiant/soundscape artist Proud Father is finally taking shape, with the tape release of Hearu Shi No Proud Father : a 90mn journey through lo-fi ambiant, cascading analog drones and electric shoegaze riddled with kaiju samples.

The design of the packaging has been a long process, conducted by Proud Father & myself, and we hope you will love the result as much as we do. The tapes are handpainted, and come in stencil painted resealable plastic bags. Each copy comes with a full size screenprinted poster, with an artwork by Zugzwang Productions.

You don't see much yet but it's on purpooooose.

From now on, the album is available through streaming and free download via the bandcamp page of Proud Father (where you can also download much more gorgeous PF noise/ambiant extravaganza), and through Flaccid Plastic Records, where there's even MORE experimental audio delights. You can even already listen to it through the handy embedded player below.

And last but not least, preorders for the tape version are now open ! 30 copies, 6€ each including a screenprinted poster.

Finally, pictures of the show where Proud Father performed are available here.

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