samedi 26 mars 2011


Hello everyone.

My name is Jyb, and this is my label, Zugzwang Productions.

Zugzwang will release extreme music, such as Doom metal, Grind, Sludge, Noise, Power Violence, Indus... and hopefully many more.

Zugzwang will release this music on CDs, CDr, Tapes, and maybe Vinyl, if business goes well enough.

Zugzwang will package all these fragile, feeble pieces of plastic you call records in lovely handmade packaging. Specially designed for each records, these packaging will protect them against the hazards of a life spent on the shelves of a record collection, and help them attain maximum raditude (and also get them not fit on said shelves).

Because Zugzwang loves you*, just like he hates 20-bucks-jewel-case-two-pages-booklet-records.

More stuff coming soon.

*and your money

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