lundi 8 octobre 2012


Embrace the lo-fi tornado ! The Emotion Of Loss / Zmajevdah split tape is finally available. Fans of grind, drone, noise and doom from around this wretched globe will all be satisfied. This is the work of two great artists that push the boundaries of their sound and their respective genre, their tunes sweating with heart, lo-fi and DIY ethics.

It's really hard to label Zmajevdah's blackened shoegazy grind mixture, but If you're into heartwarming blastbeatitude somewhat similar to Wheels Within Wheels, Liturgy or Panopticon, you will absolutely love the two everlasting tracks encased in this split.

If you followed ZZP from the beginning, you are no stranger to Emotion Of Loss bleak, desperate and crushing sound. His "Demo 2007" was ZZP first release. With his new track Emotion Of Loss dwelves into more ethereal and experimental sounds, lurking toward ambiant and darker atmospheres. This is constricting rings in audio form, slowly suffocating you before the final blow !

We kept the packaging of this tape both simple and classy, with a long strip of thick paper, printed both sides and wrapped around the tape. You can get a glimpse at the artwork with the pictures above.

Limited to 24 copies, 4€ shipping out !

You can stream and download the full split just below.

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