lundi 14 avril 2014

ZZP-009 /// FANGE - Poisse

Beware of the Sun ! Fange's first ep "Poisse" is now available on tape. Get ready for +30mn of crushing sludge/noise plus an exclusive 10mn noise track on side B ! Heavy down-tuned riffs blaring from big amps, vicious drum-shagging, good old screams, yells & shouts (in french s'il vous plaît) and abrasives noise/drone sprinkled atop for good measure.

The tape version comes in an over-sized VHS-like case, with laser-printed lyrics insert. 6€, shipping out, limited to 50 copies. Get in touch at contact.zugzwang at Fange features Ben from Huata at the guitar, Baptiste from Brain Pyramid on drums, and myself on vocals and noise. Mixing by Kristian Keyboard Productions and Mastered by Sylvain Biguet.

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