jeudi 8 mars 2012

Mad props.

Did you know that both artists involved in ZZP next split release are involved at different levels of the music scene ? That's true. Zmajevdah (proto-post-grind) is also behind CEPHALOCHROMOSCOPE, a ten-headed beast of a blogspot.

Music reviews, DL links and interviews of wide range of artists. Grindcore, doom, punk, hardcore, more grindcore, and some out-of-the-usual-spectrum of genres you usually find on blogspot using a black colored background. You can also find some of his other musical projects, such as antiétat and Kikurachiyo, the latter being described by the man itself as sketchgrind. Hint : it goes hella fast. So I guess   we're starting to see a pattern emerge here.

Since 2009, dirt, the man behind Emotion Of Loss (sick industrial doom/sludge) is also the head of QUAGMIRE, a 100% DIY label dedicated to noisy, creeping and lobotomizing sounds such as Sete Star Sept, Loinen, Rape-X, Fistula or Ointment.

All of his release are completely handmade, with crazy attention to details and great packaging ideas that perfectly fit the music. We traded some records, so you can find some of his quags at our shop. But be sure to keep an eye on his newsfeed (as confusing as it could get, but hey, THAT is DIY), as this man seems to never stop releasing crazy stuff !

More infos (and hopefully audio links) about the split really soon !

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  1. Damn - thanks! And I definitely second what you said about dirt and his Quagmire label. The man sent me a bunch of the kickass "Tribute to Popeye" tapes and I didn't even know that he sent them until I got it. :)