vendredi 2 mars 2012

Resonances Of Spiral & Zalhietzli reviews

New reviews for two of our releases !

A french chronique for Zalhietzli - Sainte Rita on Ambiant Churches. A new blog already filled to the brim with reviews of dark, ambiant and experimental sounds from across the globe. Updated at a stakhanovist pace, thanks to Elie. Keep an eye on it !

Some well deserved praise for Resonance Of Spiral - DEVBLU, on Cephalochromoscope. This blog is a gem for all extreme and weird music lovers. Mainly grindcore (Discordance Axis 4eva <3), metal, but also some not-so-weird music like blues, hip-hop and all that jazz. And actual jazz too. Thanks to my good friend Karlo for this !

Two quality blogs. Bookmark now, friend.

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