mardi 10 juillet 2012

Summer update - Planned releases soon to come

Sup guys. Long time no see. No update for the past two months, as I was actually busy sending delicious Huata tapes all accross the globe. Get yours now, because those are going fast !

I can also say that the two current soon-to-come releases will, well, come soon. Those were the Zmajevdah / Emotion Of Loss split and Haute-Cimes - Khmaer Krahom, both on tape.

It's really hard to label Zmajevdah's blackened shoegazy grind mixture, but If you're into heartwarming blastbeatitude somewhat similar to Liturgy or Panopticon, you will absolutely love the two everlasting tracks encased in this split.

With his new track Emotion Of Loss dwelves into more ethereal and experimental sounds, lurking toward ambiant and darker atmospheres. This is constricting rings in audio form, slowly suffocating you before the final blow !

Here's a preview of the artwork, with the tracklist. Free download link should hopefully available with the tape release. Preorders are open : 4€ + shipping.

ZZP-007 /// Zmajevdah/Emotion Of Loss - Split tape

1. Zmajevdah - Once, Alienation - 5:51
2. Zmajevdah - Disintegration, Now ! - 7:33
3. Emotion Of Loss - Degradant - 14:44

As usual, the final artwork and packaging will be revealed for the official release.

The second planned release is the first offering by french noise purveyor Haute-Cimes, titled Khmaer Krahom.

With Khmaer Krahom, Haute-Cimes delivers three tracks of cinematographic harsh noise, with disturbing films samples entwining layers of radiating drones and pulsating noise shrills. This is like staring at the everlasting collapse of the Sun, laying on your back on a building rooftop, above the smog and stench of the world consuming itself in a last mass orgy of blood, oil and wine.

A short glimpse at the artwork/packaging, which will also be completely unveiled for the release. You can already stream and download the album with the player just below. Preorders are open : 4€ + shipping.

ZZP-008 /// Haute-Cimes - Khmaer Krahom

1. Pertt - 7:29
2. Pure - 8:08
3. Astre - 7:17

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