dimanche 29 juillet 2012

SOON ! /// ZALHIETZLI - Two Songs, 2012 + ZLTZ Comp.

Woot ! Two new Zalhietzli songs will be released on C15 tape in september, as an EP titled "Two Songs, 2012" (duh). 
Zalhietzli is my personnal project. A blend of noise, ambient, indus, no wave, using effect pedals, loops and tape collages. Those two new tracks are drastically different from each other. "The Sickening Trophy" is an attempt at making a rock song without any rock instrument, and "Chemtrails Over Rainforest" is a semi-improvised jam of cold, blissful drone/ambient.

You can listen and download to the two tracks just below :

And for those who missed my first release "Sainte Rita", and prefer the CD format, I will release a CDr compilation of those two first Zalhietzli releases. This comp will serve as a promotional support, so it should be available at a small price, or come free with large orders.

Stay tuned, as more ZLTZ-related news will pop up soon !

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