lundi 11 juillet 2011

RxOxS coming soon & distro update !

Hello people ! Things are moving here. Resonance Of Spiral's first EP will be out soon on 3" CDs ! Japanese Psycho Crusher industrial hardcore ! For fans of early Isis, Godflesh, Tetsuo & Atari Teenage Riot ! Limited to 100 copies !

This also means that the preorder offer for it (4€ post paid instead of 6€) will be soon over ! Don't miss it ! Here's a preview :

Also, there's a big update on the shop section (Habsyll, Atolah, Ramesses, Negative Reaction, Rumpeltiltskin Grinder...), as I received a trade package from PsycheDOOMelic Records. A big thanks to Mark for being such a nice guy ! Buy stuff from him too !

Stay tuned !

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