samedi 3 décembre 2011

2011 Xmas sale !

Oh oh oh ! With Christmas approaching, we decided at Zugzwang Productions to do a special offer on our products, ZZP releases and Distro included.

Every single item available in the ZZP roster and in the tape & vinyl sections of the distro will see its price reduced by 1€ !

Every CD from the distro or the second hand sections,will see its price reduced by 2€ !

Those new prices won't be displayed in the shop section. You'll have to do the substraction yourself. For the second hands CDs, the already existing promotion (-20% for 5 items, -40% for 10 items) is still available, but the reduction will be calculated from the Christmas price. This reduction does not apply on preorders.

This special promotion will end on January 1st 2012. If you have any question about this promotion, please drop me a line at contact.zugzwang (@)

Happy shopping !

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