vendredi 28 octobre 2011

SOON ! /// Proud Father - Hearu Shi no Proud Father (C80 Cassette)

Most of you guys probably don't know about Proud Father, from New Orleans, LA. And that's a shame, trust me.

But at ZZP, we're sensible people, and we know what's good for you. Plus it's almost Christmas and stuff, so it's the perfect time.

Yup, the perfect time for releasing Proud Father longest effort to date : "Hearu Shi no Proud Father" aka "The Death of Proud Father". 80mn of tape collages & manipulations, soundscapes, samples, ambient, harsh noise & much more weird sounds.

Honestly, i'm not usually fond of this genre, but Proud Father stuff is absolutely FASCINATING. Carefully orchestrated chaos drips from your speakers. It floods your room softly, like a tide. Glimmering clouds and fuzzy swarms of drone angler fishes lure you in the depths.

Listen to preview extracts here and here.

Preorder should be open soon, as we're still working on the packaging for this release.

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